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Nostalgia & History > Warbonnet Wednesday-Almost Perfect

Date: 09/16/20 07:12
Warbonnet Wednesday-Almost Perfect
Author: ntharalson

We all have our favorite "go to" spots to railfan.  Mine is near Rutledge, MO, on the former santa Fe, now BNSF Transcon at MP 284.  On October 12th, late in the afternoon, I was there.  At the time, the GP60B's were fairly new and we were all trying to get ABBA lashups.  Well, I managed on this day to get  some.  The first is the Q-NYLA train with GP60M 122 on the point.  A half hour later, the 197 train to Phoenix had the 149 on the point.  However, the trailing units, 119 on the Q train and 124 on the Phoenix train were both facing forward and not rearward for the perfect consist.  No matter, I was gratefull then and am not giving up these shots.  I hope you enjoy seeing them  

Nick Tharalson,
Marion, IA

Date: 09/16/20 11:30
Re: Warbonnet Wednesday-Almost Perfect
Author: wag216

Thanks, Nick! Yes, I really like them, too. wag216

Date: 09/16/20 11:36
Re: Warbonnet Wednesday-Almost Perfect
Author: SPDRGWfan

To me, these were among the last of the EMD's that I liked and a wide cab to-boot!  Most of the latter day 1990's+ wide cabs visually didn't apeal to me.  But GE styling was never my thing anyway.

Date: 09/17/20 12:23
Re: Warbonnet Wednesday-Almost Perfect
Author: texchief1

Love that second shot!  Thanks for posting.

RC Lundgren
Elgin, TX

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