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Nostalgia & History > Fall Fostoria 2013.

Date: 10/17/20 10:33
Fall Fostoria 2013.
Author: jkh2cpu

Way back in 2013 we were in southern Michigan checking out the first grandchild, and I had a part-day to spare, so I headed out to Fostoria, Ohio to see what was happening. I caught three west bounds on the old B&O. There is two hours between the first shot and the next two.

1. US_Fostoria_OH_2013-10-25_11@48_5487_CSX_63

2. US_Fostoria_OH_2013_10-25-13@36_5527_CSX_3090

3. US_Fostoria_OH_2013-10-25_13@46_5533_CSX_5116

Date: 10/17/20 10:39
Re: Fall Fostoria 2013.
Author: jkh2cpu

4. US_Fostoria_OH_2013-10-25_14@27_5546_CSX_379 Southbound on the old C&O, just north of the NS crossing.

5. US_Fostoria_OH_2013-10-25_14@35_5556_NS_8955 Eastbound on the old NKP.

6. US_Fostoria_OH_2013-10-25_15@09_5571_BNSF_5147 He's switching autoracks and eventually he'll take these north. This is a 'pumpkin' of a shot, a few days short of trick-or-treat night.


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