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Date: 04/21/21 08:30
A Spring Day
Author: jkh2cpu

I was just browsing some old negatives, and found one that looks like a very fine spring day shot that needs exposure on TO. And after I found this one, I found two more from the same day.

1. US Durand MI 2017-05-12 10:58 2767 GTW 4926 In 2017 these old GTW units were very scarce in our area. It was fun to see this guy creeping around the High Wye with cars that would eventually go in the Durand yard.

2. US Durand MI 2017-05-12 12:44 2780 CN 2569 A few hours later this one came along, with a BCOL as shotgun.

3. US Durand MI 2017-05-12 15:34 2794 BNSF 6101 These BNSF units must have brought a coal train to Durand, and now they're heading into Flint for service, and I would expect a new crew.

Enjoy the day!


Date: 04/21/21 09:35
Re: A Spring Day
Author: refarkas

Super set of spring images.

Date: 04/21/21 12:04
Re: A Spring Day
Author: Conch

An interesting assortment and very nice for negatives, which can have issues.   Thanks for sharing

Date: 04/21/21 12:20
Ooops! Not film negatives.
Author: jkh2cpu

Ooops! I refer to my digi images as negatives... It's an old habit dating back nearly 70 years... Take the shot, develop the negative, and print the image. It's the same process with digi: Take the shot, run the NEF file through darktable to make the transitition from NEF to a digi format, and process the shot with gimp.


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