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Date: 06/16/22 15:53
US&S Restored Wig Wag
Author: wabash2800

I visited a friend today who restores and collects signaling equipment. He also has worked as a signal maintainer.  This particular Wig Wag was used on the Erie Railroad in Indiana. (John probably told me where it was located, but I forgot.) He still needs to paint "Stop, Look & Listen". When John purchased it from an individual some years ago it was very rusted and missing some parts. He was able to source parts and had to completely rewire it. He said the lamp was very hard to find, since it only has lenses (red) on two sides and was specially made for a Wig Wag.

Sorry about the lighting, but it was best I could do with the environment. The signal masts on the ground are some projects he is working on.

Victor B.

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Date: 06/16/22 20:46
Re: US&S Restored Wig Wag
Author: Ritzville

Nicely restored!


Date: 06/17/22 10:01
Re: US&S Restored Wig Wag
Author: BCHellman

Model DW

Date: 06/17/22 10:05
Re: US&S Restored Wig Wag
Author: wabash2800

Yes, model DW.


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