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Nostalgia & History > It's UP 9000 Class 4-12-2 Scans Day!

Date: 08/05/22 07:07
It's UP 9000 Class 4-12-2 Scans Day!
Author: jtwlunch

2 Scans from the Gibson Collection of Union Pacific's 9000 Class 4-12-2's in Topeka and Kansas City.  First up is the 9061 charging out of the Topeka Coal Chute after taking on coal-no date, train info, or photographer info provided.  Second view is of UP 9052 and UP 1925 next to the caboose track (9 cabooses in nthe track) in Kansas City, Kansas in 1931 photo by Dan Bantwell.  The 9000 Class, 3 cylinder locomotive, 88 built between 1926-1930 with 67 inch drivers, 50 mph top speed and were off the roster between 1953-1956.  One was preserved. 

OK-how do you rotate a photo on TO?  My file shows the original scan in the full and upright position.  TO tutouring available?

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Date: 08/05/22 08:25
Re: It's UP 9000 Class 4-12-2 Scans Day!
Author: Bob3985

I did a little fixer up on your photo.
Bob K

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 08/05/22 08:34
Re: It's UP 9000 Class 4-12-2 Scans Day!
Author: santafe199

I had the same thing happen to me once before. I can't explain in technical words what-the-blank is happening here. I just know the "system" thinks it's smarter than we mere mortals are. When I had an image that just wouldn't behave itself, I took it back into Photoshop and made an insignificant addition to its photo-editing. Then I "re-saved" it with a slightly modified title. It was sheer desperation, but it worked. For this image I cropped out the 2 white borders, and cleaned up a few blemishes...

signed: Former DIGITAL DINOSAUR (all caps!)

Now de-rated to only a digital dummy...


Added: BTW: I love both shots, especially the KC shot. Taken off the 7th St overpass, I'm guessing. But where in the world is I-70??? Oh yeah, it's only 1931...

Additional: Here's th KC image the extra P-shop 'stuff' we talked about on the phone...

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Date: 08/05/22 09:17
Re: It's UP 9000 Class 4-12-2 Scans Day!
Author: Railpax71

The issue with TO software is it does not look at the  jpg eXif information when it transcodes to save space.  Most modern cameras and editing software do not flip pixels but store the orientation information with the image.  The only way around this is to duplicate a picture in the correct orientation and export this file to upload to TO.  I do the export operation last as well as decimating to 1000 pixels wide.

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