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Date: 01/24/23 09:22
Siskiyou memories
Author: NBF

Boarding the MRVEU after the crew went to beans at the Gazelle Cafe (in beautiful downtown Gazelle) and sleeping off their killer chili on the way up Bailey Hill.

Date: 01/24/23 11:52
Re: Siskiyou memories
Author: mococomike

Great caputres, Kepe them coming.

Date: 01/24/23 12:22
Re: Siskiyou memories
Author: Topfuel

I tried that once many years ago with a few friends.  Not a fun ride.  I have had no interest in repeating that experience.  It was not all it's cracked up to be.

Date: 01/24/23 13:01
Re: Siskiyou memories
Author: NBF

> I tried that once many years ago with a few friends.

In my experience, the fewer "friends" along, the better chances of arriving at important decisions in real time. Once some "friends" (6) and I caught out of Roseville to Dunsmuir and it required several miracles to pull it off...

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