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Date: 03/30/23 04:53
Sunset on #155
Author: santafe199

I clearly remember shooting this slide! I was home visiting my folks over the New Year’s holiday and was driving around town on some errand. Of course I had my camera with me. By 1980 I had learned to never go anywhere without it. I was admiring the developing sunset when a providential horn became audible. I had to scramble to find a place to put both subjects into one shot. My ‘one & done’ opportunity came at S Manhattan Avenue. With the crossing hardware activated I jumped out and left my parked car right in the southbound lane. I jogged a few yards to my left to get the right angle: Click!

I think I would have remembered if any other motorist was there to witness my railfan hijinks. I do remember feeling very satisfied in getting the silhouette. But I wonder why I didn’t give this train a short chase while the sky color was still so vivid. Maybe time was short and I had yet to fulfill that errand. I guess 42 years is too long a time to remember everything...

1. UP 2510 (honest!) leads manifest train #155 west over the Manhattan Avenue crossing in Manhattan, KS.
Photo date: December 30, 1980.

Thanks for looking back!
Lance Garrels

Date: 03/30/23 06:04
Re: Sunset on #155
Author: refarkas

Superior sunset photo - Vivid colors.

Date: 03/30/23 06:14
Re: Sunset on #155
Author: gcm

Impressive !

Date: 03/30/23 07:07
Re: Sunset on #155
Author: bobdavis

Lance, your "glint" shots are downright amazing!


Date: 03/30/23 09:29
Re: Sunset on #155
Author: Ritzville

Great looking Sunset shot with sky, train and old Griswold flashers.


Date: 03/30/23 09:34
Re: Sunset on #155
Author: santafe199

Ritzville Wrote: > ... and old Griswold flashers ...

Yep, today that crossing is also protected with gates.


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