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Date: 02/10/04 21:32
Cedco calender
Author: Edwardjb

The late Ken Crist was a friend of mine and an exceptional photographer. That's why so many memories returned when I saw the February photo in the Cedco Magnificent Trains calender. Here's a less impressive version I took.

Date: 02/11/04 06:57
Re: Cedco calender
Author: Nitehostler

No apologies needed...that's a great image to show, especially of something that lasted for such a short time! Thanks much.

Date: 02/12/04 15:29
Re: Cedco calender
Author: rdg484

Wow!! KM's on the Rio Grande! Nice Shot.

Date: 02/12/04 16:39
Re: Cedco calender
Author: Locoinsp

I think it is an impressive photo. Thanks for posting it!

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