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Nostalgia & History > Santa Fe U28CG for LoneStar

Date: 05/10/04 20:32
Santa Fe U28CG for LoneStar
Author: 3rdswitch

Excuse the quality [or lack of!] as this is an OLD scanned Kodak Instamatic print. Here is a Santa Fe U28CG [352 I think?]leading a westbound San Diegan through La Mirada, CA, sometime in the mid to late '60's.

Date: 05/10/04 22:18
Re: Santa Fe U28CG for LoneStar
Author: myoungwisc

Hey JB,

How about some more shots from the San Bernardino sub! What was the line next to Orangethorpe like? Was it all single track? Since they are demoing all of the old signal boxes, mast foundations, etc., there won't be much nostalgia left.

-Martin from the OC

Date: 05/11/04 09:58
Re: Santa Fe U28CG for LoneStar
Author: Lone Star

Thanks, JB. I had no idea that any of the passenger GE's actually worked the varnish anywhere in California. Heck, until the late seventies here in Fresno it was unusual to see six axle units of any kind on the ATSF (outside of the 199 / 991 trains, that is). After about 1979 / 1980, more consists started running through to Richmond from Barstow. Until that happened, it was GP-35's and GP-30's ad nauseum...


Date: 05/13/04 09:28
Re: Santa Fe U28CG for LoneStar
Author: m420

I think that is the first time I have seen a photo of a GE on one of the San Diegans. Thanks for sharing that one.

Brian E

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