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Nostalgia & History > Pre-CalTrain at Brisbane

Date: 10/15/04 19:30
Pre-CalTrain at Brisbane
Author: photobob

An early morning commute train in classic SP style passing under the signal bridge at Brisbane. Its just not quite the same anymore.


Date: 10/15/04 19:44
Re: Pre-CalTrain at Brisbane
Author: tracktime

Well, I can't say the trains now have the same "character", but I'm sure that the railfans back around the mid 60's groused about those darned lookalike diesels replacing their beloved steam engines..

Now we grouse about character-less-4-track mainlines and MP36s replacing our beloved FM Trainmasters and SDP45s that succeeded them.

The more things change, the more our attitudes stay the same! =)

Betcha those MP36s will become as iconic to the Peninsula Commutes as the Trainmasters someday.. blasphemy, eh?


Date: 10/18/04 09:57
Re: Pre-CalTrain at Brisbane
Author: TCnR

Gotta say, those MP36s are really ugly and sound like a bus. I guess that qualifies them as having lot's of character, but at least they're American made and meet the latest Government requirements. Plenty of changes on the peninsula since Bob's photo, there might even be houses on that hillside to the right.

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