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Date: 12/29/04 09:47
That Timeless Tradition
Author: MacBeau

For as long as there have been machines (and especially locomotives), there have been spellbound small boys, filled with amazement and enchantment looking at them. And for just as long, there have been patient fathers who have walked behind them. Some of us have been lucky enough to hold both parts in this act, and some are even lucky enough to retain that childhood amazement. This particular visage of the tradition was played out at San Bernardino in the mid-80’s, the second unit of an eastbound light helper the object of this little guy’s fascination.

NOTICE: The toy shovel in the youngster’s grip was not used for hunting sand flees to the best of this photographer’s knowledge.

Date: 12/29/04 18:32
Re: That Timeless Tradition
Author: pramer

O.K., but that is a young girl!

Date: 12/29/04 21:07
Re: That Timeless Tradition
Author: MacBeau

pramer Wrote:
> O.K., but that is a young girl!

Yes, but years later she had a sex change operation and was giving her (it) advance credit. In truth, I was so concerned about the unit I missed her pig-tail which is quite visible.

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