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Date: 02/01/05 22:51
Vintage Espee
Author: stash

Near 16th St. station, Oakland, Calif.

Date: 02/01/05 22:52
Re: Vintage Espee
Author: stash

A little older than the first photo and a view of an Alameda to San Francisco Red Train heading for the flyover.

Date: 02/01/05 22:53
Re: Vintage Espee
Author: stash

For you out of staters, Boca is between Truckee and the Nevada state line.

This is an SP Classic!

Date: 02/01/05 22:55
Re: Vintage Espee
Author: danf

Still can't believe those semaphores were there that recently (including the two sets on the bridge). Had to be the last in the Bay Area...

Date: 02/02/05 07:03
Re: Vintage Espee
Author: soolinehoghead

Nice stuff stash!! I sure miss that railroad.

(insert UPRR bashing here)

Soo Line Hoghead

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