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Date: 04/26/10 12:06
Anybody got Railworks?
Author: brassjournal

Took me a long time to find this board.

Does anyone have Railworks? It's a little buggy, but the physics are great.

Anyone? Anyone??

Date: 05/13/10 23:21
Re: Anybody got Railworks?
Author: SPGP9

I haven't heard about this one. Is it a board game or a sim?

Date: 05/14/10 08:12
Re: Anybody got Railworks?
Author: brassjournal

This is a sim. I didn't know about it until I saw a post on Trainorders. There was a weekend sale, a price drop from over $100 down to $30. I gambled and I'm glad I did. It is primarily European, but there are two U.S. programs, UP and BNSF.

I've found a couple of minor bugs, such as headlights that I can't turn on, but the details on the equipment and the physics are very good. I always complained about the physics on MSTS so I can live without headlights.

They are on Facebook, both an official site and a user's site.

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