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Canadian Railroads > Toronto: Is GO electrification a "slow go"?

Date: 09/02/14 11:39
Toronto: Is GO electrification a "slow go"?
Author: Lackawanna484

The Globe & Mail has an article about how the ambitious programme to electrify the GO rail network in ten years is being "clarified". Many observers believed the Spring budget promise was unrealistic, and now see the objective being walked back to some lesser target.

Among the outstanding issues are environmental impact studies for much of the project, electrification of historic Union Station, and determination of which lines get updated first. The rail versus highway versus subway appears to be another divisive aspect of the plan


Date: 09/02/14 13:03
Re: Toronto: Is GO electrification a "slow go"?
Author: crs1026

The report is refreshing - it appears to be based on a good detailed fact-based review of what's required - makes clear just how many flyovers, grade crossing removals, etc would be needed, and even points out (in oblique terminology) where expropriation of land would be needed to add trackage. There is even a statement that PTC will be required. Uses relatively plain clear language, most of the time.

That's constructive, because it drives towards a clear understanding that this is big and costly. Better to start with a huge (but detailed) wish list, and have a good tough discussion about what is realistic....instead of making sweeping promises that everyone knows can't be met....and then end up building half the loaf, without full transparency and accountability about who spent how much for what, and rewriting the story line to match.

Watching the Kitchener-Georgetown-UPE and Crosstown projects progress, it has been very difficult to track what has been in scope and what isn't. There are signs that Metrolinx may actually recognise this and may be trying to do better.

- Paul

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