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Canadian Railroads > Sunny days of winter Shuswap style

Date: 01/07/17 23:08
Sunny days of winter Shuswap style
Author: greshe3

My son and I got out to catch and maybe chase a train or two on the sunny CP Shuswap sub ,train traffic was good as well . G

(1) Top of the hill and now head down south track empty coal  ,to the right you can see the Notch Hill hall .

(2) Same train crossing a 1907 bridge in Canoe ,Bastion Mountain in the back ground .

(3) I head  back toward the west  again and catching east bound  empty potash at Sandy Point crossing on its approach to Salmon Arm .


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Date: 01/07/17 23:10
Re: Sunny days of winter shuswap style
Author: greshe3

(4) West bound coal loads  approaching Tappen on a meet  and the sun has dropped fast and so did the temperature .

Date: 01/08/17 16:30
Re: Sunny days of winter Shuswap style
Author: Train611

Nice images.

A couple of other guys you know caught 8954 and the empty coal train earlier around Geddis / Pritchard.


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