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Date: 01/08/17 08:30
location info
Author: Charls

Hi guys, I have this postcard that I wasa told is New Liskeard, Ontario, which if I am not mistaking was on the old Temiscaming and Northern Ontario Ry  but the engine look which seems to be a Mikado type with the headlight on top of boiloer doesnt seems to fit the ones they had from any pics I found, can anyone confirm this

Date: 01/08/17 14:58
Re: location info
Author: up833

I never ;heard of this rail line so I googed the name.  There are a number of depot and loco photos.  Most of the steam engines have the light on top as shown in your photo.
Roger Beckett

Date: 01/08/17 16:43
Re: location info
Author: moonliter

up833 Wrote:
> I never ;heard of this rail line so I googed the
> name. 

The name Temiskaming & Northern Ontario was changed to Ontario Northland Railway in April of 1946. One reason was to portray a modern image and secondly the freight cars of the Canadian T&NO were getting mixed up with another road, the Texas & New Orleans.  Sharing the "T&NO" recording mark with another railway created problems in car location and billing the correct railway for repairs.


​The Temiskaming & Northern Ontario had a bunch of Mikados but the postcard narrows the group down to 7 locomotives built by Canadian Locomotive Company between 1923 to 1925.  These engines were equipped with high headlights, 9920lb trailing truck boosters and Elesco feedwater heaters. (That was the my clue in your postcard.) The 7 engines were numbered 310-316 and survived the first(1935) and second(1940)renumbering.  Engine 312 was involved in a wreck in 1934 and was not rebuilt at the time because Canada was in the middle of the Great Depression.  The outbreak of war in 1939 changed all that and the demand for motive power necessitated its rebuilding in 1940.  When completed, engine 312 was renumbered 317. 
Gerry Gaugl
​Ottawa ON

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