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Canadian Railroads > MLW Monday-From the middle of the train.

Date: 01/09/17 16:49
MLW Monday-From the middle of the train.
Author: arwye

This is too interesting and rare not to post. On August 16, 1980, the mid-train locomotives were M630W 727 and CN 2036, being governed by RC2, with 727 coupled next to the very unusual National Steel Car built 2126. This was a dual purpose boxcar-covered hopper that CN and NSC developed, thinking it would be more economic with its perceived back haul capability. A slightly smaller prototype was constructed for CP that was also sold to the BCR in early 1974. BCOL 2126 had an overall length of 62'-3" with a 12' wide plug door that had a inset inward hinged grain door for loading at elevators not equipped for top loading. The roof had four center section trough hatches, surrounded by a translucent fibreglass reinforced plastic to reduce car weight and admit natural light. Instead of a solid steel floor, a heavy mesh grate was used, that could support the weight of a fork lift, but still allow grain to flow through. There were six hopper discharge gates. By 1980 I'm sure BCR was only using both 2126 & 2127 for lumber loading. Richard Yaremko

Date: 01/09/17 18:12
Re: MLW Monday-From the middle of the train.
Author: perklocal

That was a neat idea for backhauling. Too bad it didn't work out or catch on. I never knew about these. Thanks for posting.

Date: 01/09/17 18:40
Re: MLW Monday-From the middle of the train.
Author: m420

Quite the shot...Lots of 'rare' there.

- Radio Car made from an MLW FB (one of 2 on the BCR roster)
- Leased CNR C630M in remote service. Don't think I've seen a photo of that before.
- An M630W (1 of only 8 ever built)
- The NSC car

Pretty darned cool, Richard.

Brian E

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Date: 01/10/17 17:23
Re: MLW Monday-From the middle of the train.
Author: Helo-Mech

Wicked! Very Nice Richard, Thank you.

Mike N.

Date: 01/11/17 15:01
Re: MLW Monday-From the middle of the train.
Author: feclark

That's a fascinating mix of subjects, and even without them is still worth posting - it doesn't all have to be head-end. The hybrid car is a new one on me, as it was for many of us, I'm sure. Love robots.

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