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Date: 01/07/19 20:16
Leanchoil B.C.
Author: illecillewaetrr

Hi gang. I'm looking for steam or early diesel era photographs of Leanchoil, B.C. If anyone can help it will be greatly appreciated.

Date: 01/11/19 23:17
Re: Leanchoil B.C.
Author: TCnR

Well my books are not with me right now, I had been collecting published info on the area quite a while ago. A good chance at finding the described photos would be in the book "Nicholas Morant's Canadian Pacific by J. F. Garden", or in a collection of Morant's photos. I did a Google search on "nicholas morant photos Leanchoil" went to images and found a few photos, lots of more modern stuff though. Much of Morant's work was in the late Steam or diesel transition era. It's a great book anyways, lots of classic photography compositions, ideas, explanations and classic locations.

Went to Amazon and found the book:


Pretty sure there's a few more titles out there, often from Canadian publishers or hobby groups.

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