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Canadian Railroads > New Westminster passenger cars ?

Date: 05/04/19 15:34
New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: asheldrake

Anyone seeing movement of the historic passenger cars that are being evicted?   I am hearing rumors that 17 of them are headed south.   thanks,  Arlen

Date: 05/04/19 17:30
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: eminence_grise

Some of the cars which were stored in New Westminster are shown in 1983 on the NRHS "Okanagan Express". The tail end car is former SP "Mount Cascade". I have heard conflicting reports as to the condition of these cars after decades of storage.

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Date: 05/04/19 17:44
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: asheldrake

nice picture Phil.   I am being told that most of the cars were stored inside and are in pretty good shape, the few stored outside as one would suspect are not.   I am hoping someone up north gets a picture or two of the shipments.    Arlen

Date: 05/04/19 21:31
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: longhaul

This guy has been posting a few photos of the movements:

A few cars have left, on flat cars. They had a huge crane in there for a few days loading up the flat cars. The ones that were taken out looked to be in very good condition.
I talked to a guy about a week ago who was fixing the gate in the yard and he said there were a lot of cars still inside.


Date: 05/04/19 22:34
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: asheldrake

thanks for the move confirmation......looking forward to more photos......Arlen

Date: 05/04/19 22:36
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: cp1400

So far three cars left the property last fall and moved by CP to a spur nearby where they were stripped of asbestos and scrapped. CP retained uasble parts off these cars for their heritage fleet.

Three cars were loaded on flat cars about he same time last fall then didn't go anywhere. The word was a deal for purchase of these was reneged on by the vendor.  The cars were subsequently unloaded and put back on rail at the storage location sometime in March I think. Those flat cars left the scene.

Then new flat cars arrived a couple of weeks ago. I think its four passenger cars that have been reloaded on flat cars and have been shrink wrapped this week for shipment, reportedly somewhere in the US. Once unloaded in the US these flat cars will cycle back to load additional cars. Something like 24 pieces of equipment to be shipped out in total over the next few months. As of May 4 the shrink wrapped cars are still on the property.


Date: 05/05/19 06:17
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: agent1522

As far as I know, the cars are going to the Heber Valley Railroad in Heber City, Utah.

Date: 05/05/19 07:01
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: Blackfoot

Further to the post by eminence_grise, back in 1994 I came across the same equipment in BN's small yard that runs parallell to the Trans Canada Highway between North Road and Brunette Avenue in New West.  This was when you could wander around these small yards without to much to worry about, if you were respectful and responsible you had no problem.  I'm not sure if the tail end car I saw was the same one as in the earlier posted picture, but the BN crew that was working the yard that day gave me the OK to take a few pictures from the back observation deck and this is what the interior looked like.  BTW - the drumhead on the equipment I saw that day was "CANACCORD Cannonball, July 8th 1994".  I have a picture of the string of cars, but it needs more Photoshop work than I can devote at the time.


Date: 05/05/19 07:24
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: mundo

How can the Heber protect these cars from the weather and general conditions.?

Dont get me wrong, I love the Hebers ride and did so several times under steam.

Also rode some of these cars in an Excursion in Canada, they were a jewel.

I do hope protection plans are in place.


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Date: 05/05/19 09:28
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: asheldrake

most interesting CP1400....there was no information in the scrapping thread  that the former ownership of these three was the BC NRHS chapter:
   - CP Riverton.
   - CP Buffet-Parlour 6667  
   - Northern Alberta Railways RPO 1453
probablfy should have assumed but that gets me in trouble.     '

I also heard that one of the problems with the former sale that is mentioned in this thread was that the flat cars were of the vintage that the RR would not handle them..

Date: 05/05/19 10:45
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: BCR4619

It may have been an interchange thing but they were CP Flat cars.

I have been in there a number of times over the years, poking around or riding around in the F-Unit. It unfortunate the 6300 can not be kept it Canada as it was donated by VIA after all. The 6300 came to them with a few problems after generator work was done and could not be moved as well as a failed HEP generator, was run without water at some point in its life..... A lot of their cars were still original, no HEP and still retaining steam heat etc. They have a few Steam Generator cars down there with one of them working as well as 3 or 4 CN/VIA Cafe/Diner cars, I know the one kept inside was still pretty good and looked like it had a few upgrades in the kitchen at some point. 

I believe a lot of the cars are friction bearing as well as riveted air tanks which wont get you far these days.

Date: 05/05/19 20:39
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: agent1522

When I was there in April, they were constructing a new building to house them.

Date: 05/26/19 14:07
Re: New Westminster passenger cars ?
Author: SD45X

I just posted drone shots of the new shops at Heber City:)

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