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Canadian Railroads > Outram SK 1976

Date: 06/14/19 19:57
Outram SK 1976
Author: eminence_grise

Back in 1976, I climbed up onto a forty foot boxcar at Outram SK to photograph a westbound freight heading toward Tribune from Estevan SK and the end of track.

Today, Outram still has an elevator and is on a shortline, the Long Creek Railroad

Date: 06/14/19 22:26
Re: Outram SK 1976
Author: stevelv

I like the two photos Phil.  One of only 21 GP38AC's in Canada and the 2nd photo is a classic prairie railroading scene..
Steve B.

Date: 06/15/19 06:28
Re: Outram SK 1976
Author: King_Coal

Track and elevator still there on Google Map. Looks like it's been a while since used though.

Nice capture of pre-covered hopper railroading. We still provided a few grain boxcars when I worked on the MoPac in Kansas in 1979. Those were short-lived, however, as the covered hopper had just about eliminated them. Next to go were the small elevators such as this one. And, of course, the caboose.

Thanks for sharing these.


Date: 06/16/19 05:32
Re: Outram SK 1976
Author: CM80-46

What a classic Canadian Praire scene! Love the CP van tagging along. Would you or could you climb equipment today to capture these iconic shots? To many things have changed!

Date: 06/16/19 10:48
Re: Outram SK 1976
Author: PHall

Yeah, you could get on top of a covered hopper and probably get yourself in the back of a police car too.

Date: 06/17/19 06:08
Re: Outram SK 1976
Author: BCR_766

Beautiful shots!!!! 

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