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Date: 07/04/19 07:45
steel mill oddities
Author: hoggerdoug

Some slides in my collection taken at Stelco in Hamilton, ON. Images posted with permission and I have done a "copy & paste" from an email describing these things. Sure saved me a lot of typing.
1. Taken outside the the Diesel Shop at Hilton Works. SW8 #77, the usual
power on the 4 Job servicing the 400 Ton Stripper, is sitting on the wash
track adjacent to the old 10-9 Mill. Locomotives were typically acid washed
once per month before their scheduled inspection. The other unit is a coke
oven mogul locomotive used to move the quench car moving fiery hot coke from
the battery to the quenching station where it was drenched in bay water
before dumping the steaming hot coke onto the coke wharf and belts for
delivery to the blast furnaces.

2. Mogul #335 renumbered #6335 was originally built in 1918 as a gas
electric by National Steel Car for the construction of the Sir Adam Beck
Hydro Electric Power Commission project at Niagara Falls. The Steel Company
of Canada purchased it in 1926 and it was used in to move hot metal Klings
around the blast furnace until it was rebuilt in 1953 with a Caterpillar
diesel prime mover. In its newest configuration with dual enclosed cabs
shown in the photo, it was used to move gondolas of rod and bar products
around the Bar Mill, 12-10 Mill and #1 Conditioning Mill.

3. Mogul #336 had a very similar heritage to #6335 and 6401. During its
rebuild to a Caterpillar prime mover, it was equipped with only one enclosed
#6336 is now working at Car Care Company to move rolling stock at the foot
Sherman St. in Hamilton On.

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Date: 07/04/19 08:49
Re: steel mill oddities
Author: perklocal

Wow !  Very cool critters. Neat to see how those old units were rebuilt,reconfigured and repurposed over the years. Now that's Kitbashing !

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Date: 07/05/19 15:45
Re: steel mill oddities
Author: feclark

Funky industrial stuff: great post!

Date: 07/07/19 07:33
Re: steel mill oddities
Author: CM80-46

More, more, more! Please! If ya gottum?

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