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Date: 08/08/19 20:51
What to do in Quebec in September.
Author: ChrisCampi

Hello All,

My Wife and I will be arriving in Quebec City in mid September via a cruise ship and spending a few days at the Fairmont and I was wondering if T.O. has suggestions on what to see and do and what to avoid. Doesn’t have to be train related but if I see a train, that’s OK ;-)

I’ve  heard great things about this city, and I’m very much looking forward to visiting.


Date: 08/09/19 05:55
Re: What to do in Quebec in September.
Author: joemvcnj

Date: 08/09/19 11:44
Re: What to do in Quebec in September.
Author: robj

The Citadel, the Boardwalk, Plains of Abraham, Chateau Frotenac, Lower Town Lévis ferry .

Bob Jordan

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Date: 08/09/19 13:46
Re: What to do in Quebec in September.
Author: Lackawanna484

Wonderful town for just wandering around. Looking in windows, visiting stores, stopping at the farmers market down the street from the Gare Palais. People are friendly.  Taking the ferry over to Levis gives you an Olympic quality view of a wonderful city.

Three magic words:  Juh sweez Amerikan

Quebecois love Americans. Even folks who don't speak any English will help you.

Date: 08/09/19 17:41
Re: What to do in Quebec in September.
Author: ChrisCampi

Wow, looks like some terrific suggestions. Thank you all for responding. Think I’ll get to all of them!

Date: 08/15/19 21:22
Re: What to do in Quebec in September.
Author: yankeeclipper

I second Lackawanna484's admonition to make sure that the folks you meet in Quebec know you are from the States, and are not English Canadians. Very kind local residents opened up a closed for the season RV camp site and turned on the power when they saw our rental Winnebago with Jersey plates. Never bothered to tell them that my father's family were Scottish  (therefore English Canadians) removed to P.E.I.  and then on to the Westmoreland Straights on the N.B. side around 1788. I am the second generation born in the States. 
Residents who looked at you blankly all of a sudden were warm, friendly and most helpful. Can't wait to go back. Just be yourself and enjoy being in a land that is more French than France. But I came away with a feeling of sadness as they have yet to resolve differences that have taken on a life of their own. But those of us in the States have our own huge unresolved differences so I have zero justification to make any judgements whatsoever. And therefore can not and do not. It's none of my business. Just go and enjoy.

Date: 08/16/19 01:44
Re: What to do in Quebec in September.
Author: ghCBNS

As an English Canadian who visits Quebec frequently (company’s head office is there) and also to the predominately French speaking areas away from Montreal and Quebec City .....never have I been treated poorly by the Quebecois. Sure you’re going to find the occasionally person that’s less than welcoming but they’ll treat you the same weather you’re from the States, the rest of Canada or wherever!

Enjoy Quebec City! It a fascinating city especially for the history buff. Walks around the fortifications on the high bluff above the St. Lawrence. The old town is walled and you walk through gates to enter....those are the original buildings from the 1600 and 1700. No Disney recreation here!...and you have to visit VIA's Gare du Palais!


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