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Date: 08/12/19 02:55
MLW Monday
Author: hoggerdoug

Couple of images from December 1973 at Chetwynd BC on the British Columbia Railway. 566 appears to have had the PGE logo painted over while 571 still sports the PGE logo. Is it my imagination or was the PGE two tone green slightly different than the BCR two tone paint.
I stumbled across these two slides in a Logan box mixed in with some other slides.

Date: 08/12/19 11:24
Re: MLW Monday
Author: PHall

Looks like they may have started out as the same shade but mother nature has taken her toll.

Date: 08/12/19 15:49
Re: MLW Monday
Author: TCnR

There's been a few times when I had thought the very top of the carbody, the flat area not the curved sides, was painted flat black. It kinda looks like that on PGE 571. Many of the ALCO's just look covered with soot, this one looks like it has straight edges. I don't have the luxury of a painting guide and I haven't climbed up to take a look either.. The black surface kinda changes the shade of the photo, but it all could be just an illusion.

either way, great roster shots, thanks for posting.

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