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Date: 10/26/19 03:56
Switcher Saturday
Author: hoggerdoug

This is likely a re-post.  June 1982 at the CN Calder Diesel Shop, ENGRO 901 was in for servicing or repairs. I believe this is an Alco S2 with a Cummins diesel engine. Anyhow, I did a brief couple years at Calder Car Dept and used to swing through the diesel shop area once in a while. Those days nobody bothered people taking photos and it helped that I had on my work clothes plus the yellow CN hardhat. That reminds of another time while in Ontario, my railfan buddy and I did a quick driving tour through the CP Rail Agincourt yard. My friend had two hard hats in his car and we put them on and slowly cruised through taking images from the car window. Since I was the passenger I got to wear the white hat and Ray the driver wore the yellow one. I don't think any CP employees noticed the Stelco logo on the hardhats.

Date: 10/26/19 23:19
Re: Switcher Saturday
Author: feclark

Cummins re-engined, for sure, and lasted into Agrium identity out at Redwater. It's a neat unit, because it's almost perfect old-school S-2, but has the intake grille cut into the front, and the roller bearing retrofitted inside the older trucks, I think.

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