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Canadian Railroads > MLW Monday in the Annapolis Valley

Date: 01/06/20 08:42
MLW Monday in the Annapolis Valley
Author: cn6218

A couple scenes here from August, 2004 on the Windsor & Hantsport.

In the first, the empty gypsum train has just left the yard in Hantsport and is crossing an aboiteau over the Halfway River. This site has been in the news lately because the tide has breached it, and farmland upriver has been contaminated with salt water from the Bay of Fundy.  The railway, which still owns the track, but hasn't operated over it in almost 10 years, washed its hands of any responsibility (while still maintaining ownership), and eventually the province paid for remedial work to be done.  If you happen to have a copy of Bill Linley's book, Canadian Pacific in Color, Vol. 1, page 14 has a photo of CP repairing a washout at the same location in 1971.

The next day, a loaded train was threading its way between the two warehouses in Falmouth, where the former owner's name can still be seen very faintly on the bricks.  8019 leading was one of the few locomotives actually lettered for CP internal shortline Canadian Atlantic, which the black paint is now blotting out.

Phil's post below mentions the lightweight group of RS-23s which CP owned.  The heavier ones, with full size GE 752 traction motors, were numbered 8019 to 8046.  The WHRC had both 8019 and 8046, as well as 10 or 11 others in between.


Date: 01/06/20 11:57
Re: MLW Monday in the Annapolis Valley
Author: refarkas

Thanks for sharing these rare photos.

Date: 01/10/20 20:15
Re: MLW Monday in the Annapolis Valley
Author: feclark


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