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Canadian Railroads > Switcher Saturday on the Chester Sub.

Date: 01/11/20 16:24
Switcher Saturday on the Chester Sub.
Author: cn6218

It's December 20, 1998 and a pair of CN's unique "Sweeps" are crssing Joe Howe Avenue in Halifax on the way back to Rockingham after lifting some cars in the Bayers Lake Industrial Park.  Eight SW1200RS diesels were rebuilt with generators and partial long hoods from GP9s to become SW1200RM heavy switchers in the late '80s.  It was an expensive rebuild, and they were all sold to Canac in 2000 and became part of their lease fleet.  In 1998 the Clark Transfer rail-to-truck facility was still operating, and this is where the boxcar is likely coming from.  Other customers on the 5-mile remnant of the Sub included Volvo, Russell Metals and the team track, which loaded logs, scrap metal and sometimes electrical transformers.


Date: 01/11/20 17:59
Re: Switcher Saturday on the Chester Sub.
Author: refarkas

Thanks for sharing this uncommon image.

Date: 01/11/20 19:44
Re: Switcher Saturday on the Chester Sub.
Author: Jimmies

Very nice photo.  I find the No Whistle warning sign interesting.


Date: 01/12/20 13:54
Re: Switcher Saturday on the Chester Sub.
Author: feclark

I so appreciate your use of what would normally be clutter elements in your photos. You don't have the luxury of shooting in the Thompson Canyon, or the western U.S. locales where it's all mountain backdrops. Consistently impressive and imaginative, everything in exactly the right place (oh, alright, you didn't get the car in the right lane to stop behind you so the lead truck would be clear, but I'm quibbling!). Plus the Sweeps were really neat units, at least to see.

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