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Date: 01/16/20 11:36
Thirty-Eight Thursday in 2007
Author: cn6218

While looking up the picture of the WHRC passenger car, I stumbled across some other pictures that would work well for a Thirty-Eight Thursday theme.  CN GP38-2s weren't unheard of in Nova Scotia (originally 5500s), but were infrequent visitors compared to the legions of RS-18s, RSC-14s and M-420Ws that worked the locals here in the '70s and '80s.

Just before 8 am on August 22, 2007, 4730 and 4721 have 5 loads of cement (for the silos in the background) westbound on the Bedford Sub at mile 13.  Since the switch points face east, they'll go all the way to Windsor Jct. or Kinsac, where they can run around the train before coming back to switch the plant.

On September 17, 4708 and 4762 have just finished dropping off some loads at the former Volvo plant in the Bayers Lake Industrial Park.  This would turn out to be my last photograph of a train on the Chester Spur before it was abandoned later that month.

And on another section of track that, if not abandoned yet, is certainly in limbo, LLPX 2269 leads Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia train 301 from Sydney over the upper crossing at River Denys on October 18.  2269 was originally IC GP40 3027, later IC 3114, and then went to LLPX to be rebuilt as a GP38-2.  CBNS leased it from 2003 to 2015.  Unlike the large trains here in the CBNS' heyday, with many loads of coal and steel rails, this one just has a single load of scrap steel, an empty grain hopper from Little Bras d'Or, and some empty plastic pellet covered hoppers from a rope manufacturing outfit near Sydney.


Date: 01/16/20 12:25
Re: Thirty-Eight Thursday in 2007
Author: refarkas

Three first-class memories. Excellent images.

Date: 01/16/20 13:12
Re: Thirty-Eight Thursday in 2007
Author: Valleyman

LLPX 2269, is still earning its keep! Now working for the Cal Northern Railroad in Tracy, CA.



Date: 01/17/20 16:23
Re: Thirty-Eight Thursday in 2007
Author: ns1000

Nice pics!!

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