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Date: 03/17/20 04:53
Where it all began
Author: briancdn

We all remember when and where we realized our passion for trains was going to be a life long hobby. For me it was 1960 when Dad took me on the last steam powered passenger train to Ottawa behind CNR nothern 6153.

As a kid I grew up in Laval, and used to ride my bike to CPR's St Martin Jct, at that time a busy spot with trains running to Trois Rivires and Quebec City and the line to the busy GM plant at St Therese. My first efforts were black and white with a Kodak brownie. By the time I was shooting slides I had already left Laval, but now and then I'd go back to relive those childhood memories.

The Jct also serves a large industrial park, and there was always an assigned switcher. In my youth it was an RS-23, and later an SW1200RS. Today it's Quebec Gatineau territory.

Here's just a couple of shots from the jct.

Happy St Patrick's Day (I'm a Dublin born Irishman!)

Brian N.

Date: 03/17/20 09:32
Re: Where it all began
Author: refarkas

Three first-rate photos. My favorite is your first image because of its interesting location.

Date: 03/20/20 16:19
Re: Where it all began
Author: feclark

Nice photos. Geez, B&W on a Kodak Brownie; one year of that frustration made me buy my Pentax and go slides.

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