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Date: 03/18/20 17:08
More Fairview Roundhouse
Author: cn6218

This is another early slide of mine, when I still had the not-so-trusty Minolta XD-11 with 28/2.8 lens.  At least with the 28mm lens, I could simply set it to infinity focus, and be assured that anything more than 10 feet away would be in focus.  This was also my first roll of Fuji Velvia film, which complimented nicely the brand new SD75I being spun on the turntable.  Although the roundhouse itself had been gone for at least 10 years, the turntable was still intact, and remains that way today, although I've been told it is increasingly unreliable, and the roundhouse crew will avoid using it unless a unit absolutely needs to be spun.

The old roundhouse stalls were to the left in this picture, and the radial tracks where I am standing were known as the "boulevard".  In busier times the lucky photgrapher might shoot 4 or 5 C-630Ms lined up on the boulevard.  This photo was taken on July 18, 1996.


Date: 03/18/20 17:13
Re: More Fairview Roundhouse
Author: King_Coal

Fine photo. Thanks for sharing.

Date: 03/19/20 06:17
Re: More Fairview Roundhouse
Author: briancdn

A fine photo to be sure! That scheme is very nice when the unit is clean; which doesn't happen very often any more.

Brian N.

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