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Canadian Railroads > Londonderry Sta. - Then and Now

Date: 05/22/20 06:54
Londonderry Sta. - Then and Now
Author: cn6218

Londonderry is a little community 17 miles west of Truro, NS on the Springhill Sub.  It was once the centre of an iron mining and smelting operation, and had a narrow gauge railway connection to the Intercolonial mainline.  There are still remains of beehive coke ovens in the area.  Sir Sanford Fleming took a lot of heat historically for making a huge loop in the track up Folly Mountain to include Londonderry, supposedly due to political pressure.  It turns out that the extra length of track was needed anyway to keep the grades to somethuing reasonable.  Just looking at a map doesn't always tell the whole story.

One of my earliest photos at Londonderry is shown here, from June 7, 2001.  Train 137 is nearing the rural crossing at the east end of the siding, and the number below the crossbucks indicates there are 2 more tracks for motorists to be aware of.  I imagine the station once was located in the space between the siding and pole line, although there was no other evidence of it in 2001. Although the mines were long gone (much higher qality ore was discovered at Bell Isle in Newfoundland, and then later in Labrador), the odd bulkhead flat of pulpwood was still loaded there.  

Almost 19 years later, train 120 was cruising past the same location on May 20, 2020.  The siding (and almost all traces of it) is gone, as are the two team tracks.  The signals at the east end of the siding remain as a control point, but the west end (deep in the woods) was removed with the siding.


Date: 05/22/20 22:50
Re: Londonderry Sta. - Then and Now
Author: feclark

Nice clean location, and a nice story.

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