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Canadian Railroads > A survivors story

Date: 06/20/20 03:28
A survivors story
Author: hoggerdoug

This clip on CBC, interview of a survivor 1997 CP train derailment. Clip is 7:47 long.


Date: 06/20/20 03:57
Re: A survivors story
Author: algoma11

I remember that accident. The two other crew guys pulled the engineer out the front window of the loco as it was burning !

Mike Bannon
St Catharines, ON

Date: 06/20/20 06:56
Re: A survivors story
Author: thehighwayman

WOW ... just WOW!!


Will MacKenzie
Dundas, ON

Date: 06/20/20 08:05
Re: A survivors story
Author: irhoghead

Thank you for sharing this.

Date: 06/20/20 11:10
Re: A survivors story
Author: trainjunkie


Date: 06/20/20 16:28
Re: A survivors story
Author: Chessie

Low frequency / high risk event.  One of the lines I run suffered a large one about fifteen years ago, thankfully a farmer saw it and called it in before a train found it.  Busy line, two mains and a siding - could have ended in disaster.  Glad these guys survived. 

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