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Date: 07/25/20 07:16
Big Bridge
Author: cn6218

The 3941 foot trestle over the Little Salmon River at Davis Mill, NB, mile 173.20 of the Napadogan Sub, is the longest bridge in the Maritimes.  It was built c. 1915 as part of the National Transcontinental Rwy., which soon morphed into CN.  The NTR never had much on-line business, but because it was the better engineered route, CN spun off the older Intercolonial Rwy. line along the east coast of NB in 1998, and concentrated all their through traffic on this route.  With the collapse of the forest industries in New Brunswick, CN bought back the ICR (at a considerable discount) 10 years later from Quebec Rail Corp., but the NTR remains as the only through route for freight.

At 08:18 on August 2, 2017 CN 120 was making its way across the trestle at the proscribed speed of 20 mph, with intermodal and ocean going containers from Halifax and Moncton.  This train usually operates with 2 or 3 units up front and one DPU.  The extra power is likely from a potash train a few days earlier to Saint John, NB.


Date: 07/25/20 07:25
Re: Big Bridge
Author: refarkas

This would make a beautiful two page magazine center spread.

Date: 07/25/20 07:52
Re: Big Bridge
Author: ghCBNS

Crossed it 3 times.....once on the Moncton-Edmundston RDC and twice on Ocean detours.

Date: 07/25/20 10:07
Re: Big Bridge
Author: Dick

Imagine not knowing about this bridge, driving  down the nearby highway and coming upon it.  This happened to me in 1977 during my first trip to this part of Atlantic Canada.  This bridge has been featured on three of our videos and written about in the long defunct Rail Classics - no longer sure of that magazine's name.
Dick Eisfeller
Big "E" Productions
Greenland, NH

Date: 07/25/20 17:13
Re: Big Bridge
Author: King_Coal

Impressive shot!

Date: 07/25/20 18:03
Re: Big Bridge
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

Date: 07/25/20 20:15
Re: Big Bridge
Author: P

Wow. Never knew this bridge existed. What a monster it is.

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Date: 07/26/20 05:12
Re: Big Bridge
Author: AndyBrown

Another great view!  And nice history lesson too.


Date: 07/29/20 08:28
Re: Big Bridge
Author: atsf121

Wow, that’s a bridge!

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