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Canadian Railroads > Rocky Mountaineer, some refunds happening

Date: 07/29/20 20:52
Rocky Mountaineer, some refunds happening
Author: eminence_grise

I note that certain persons are receiving full or partial refunds, according to a Facebook page created by customers who have been denied refunds for the 2020 season.

Seemingly, those that involved their travel agents and credit card companies have been promised refunds from Rocky Mountaineer. These people have repeatedly pursued refunds from RMV over the last couple of months. I wonder about those who haven't complained vocally about their treatment. I doubt RMV will voluntarily refund those who don't act proactively to secure their refunds.

Canada is experiencing an increase in Covid 19 positives, possibly due to the fact that testing is more available to the general population, and also due to relaxed restrictions on distancing.

The tourist industry is greatly affected by the pandemic, and many venues are not sure they will weather the pandemic.

Date: 07/30/20 07:02
Re: Rocky Mountaineer, some refunds happening
Author: thehighwayman

I was looking at a news item from Kamloops that indicated the lack of RMR trains this year was going to be devastating to many local businesses.
I guess all the money RMR collected went straight to the RMR officials' personal bank accounts.


Will MacKenzie
Dundas, ON

Date: 07/30/20 07:12
Re: Rocky Mountaineer, some refunds happening
Author: Lackawanna484

In the US, travel agent and credit card payments to cruise lines, tour operators, etc have more protection than an individual has.

That's why the 3% discount if you let the cruise company do a direct withdrawal from your bank account can be a risky choice.

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