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Date: 10/13/20 06:46
One Unit Wonder
Author: cn6218

It doesn't happen very often, but from time to time CN will operate a road train out of Halifax with only one unit for power.  The short 1.5% grade leaving Halifax, and the extensive curves and 1% grades of Folly Mt., along with the current religious effort to maximize every train have made this even less common lately.  Here is 137 from February 24, 2001 nearing Onslow, NS at the start of the Springhill Sub.  I thought at first this might have been a train of empties, but it's really just the first 5-pack, with gons of nickel ore, grain cars from the W&H, and Dartmouth autoracks to fill out the train.


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Date: 10/13/20 14:19
Re: One Unit Wonder
Author: feclark

Beautiful shot, Geoff, but could you have saved it for a few months? Man, I can feel the chill in that one already, and we don't need that reminder in Edmonton. You're going to get arwye started on his Miserable Alberta Mondays series again (which will be nice to see, in spite of)!

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