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Canadian Railroads > Monochrome Monday - CP Freights near Ashcroft West Mileboard

Date: 11/16/20 14:37
Monochrome Monday - CP Freights near Ashcroft West Mileboard
Author: feclark

July 2010 was the last K64 trip to the Ashcroft area for my railfan buddy and me, and of course, we got lots of scummy weather. On July 13 we walked south (rail west) out of Ashcroft along CP, mostly because angles didn't matter with the cloud. My second camera was loaded with T-Max 100 in case such a situation arose. For those who are interested in checking this location out, the first two shots are late afternoon for sunlight, and the third shot is early morning for best results. We're perched on an outcrop that is cut off by the CP line.
1. First up are 8817 and 8636, westbound at 0817 with a few auto racks, then lots of well cars, assisted by DPU 8749. The settings are 1/500 at f3.5. The rock spire on the left is by the very short tunnel on CN that's immediately west of Ashcroft. You can barely make out the wires rising ahead of the lead unit, which dictated when to pull the trigger.
2. For the next WB, I set up inside the pole line, to get 9544 in charge of auto racks and stacks on #113 at 0909, assisted by DPU 9520; same settings.
3. The EB movement behind 8883 was at 1028, in this case #112 with stacks plus 12 auto racks, being pushed by 8512. You can make out the backside of the west mileboard to the left of the first well car. The black rocks behind, on the CN side, are the same rocks on trend with Black Canyon, but Black Canyon is still a few miles and meanders west of here (Ashcroft is MP 47.3, and Black Canyon, west of the tunnel on CP, is MP 52.8). It had gotten so cheery, I had to stop down to f4!
Sorry for the older scans; different scanner and software.

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