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Date: 01/04/21 13:18
Bound for Brazil
Author: cn6218

Back when GM was still building locomotives in London, Ontario many of the export locomotives traveled to Halifax before leaving by ship to their final destinations.  One interesting group was some SD70Ms built for an iron ore mining company in Brazil.  These appeared to be pretty much stock SD70Ms (the last version built for North America), but not with the current emission standards for 2007.  They were also built for broad gauge lines (1.6m), so were shipped on 8-axle flatcars without their trucks.  I'm not sure how the trucks traveled, since we never did actually see them here in Halifax.

On April 1, 2007 EFC 743 and 752 were part of CN train 148 as it approached Rockingham Yard, along the shore of Bedford Basin.


Date: 01/04/21 13:23
Re: Bound for Brazil
Author: stanhunter

The recipient may have used trucks taken off a retired unit.  Strange paint scheme.  Thanks for posting.

Stan Hunter
Fair Oaks, CA

Date: 01/04/21 13:51
Re: Bound for Brazil
Author: briancdn

Great catch! I like the paint job, very different.
Brian N.

Date: 01/04/21 14:25
Re: Bound for Brazil
Author: cn6218

If I looked at the International Forum more often, I might have seen this:


They appear to be regular HTCR trucks that the SD70Ms are riding on, although broad gauge.


Date: 01/04/21 19:26
Re: Bound for Brazil
Author: bogieman

At that time, there was no broad gauge variant of the HTCR truck, those would have gotten non-radial HTSC-2 trucks, which look similar, just without the steering hardware.

Date: 01/05/21 05:55
Re: Bound for Brazil
Author: MitchGDRMCo

New (not old) HTSC-2 trucks at 1600mm gauge. These locomotives ended up totalling 55 units before Vales big hp craze.

Date: 01/05/21 14:34
Re: Bound for Brazil
Author: pedrop

Hi. all the SD70M still working on Vale EFC system. They are good units, but the crews say they are a bit noisy inside the cab.
Video here

Pedro Rezende
Vespasiano, MG

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