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Date: 02/11/21 04:06
Southern Visitor
Author: cn6218

Illinois Central painted diesels haven't been all that rare in Halifax.  CN put an SD70 on 148 just after the merger was announced in 1999, and SD40 variants would show up in the consists of the road trains from time to time.  But the only switcher sized IC unit to appear here was GP40 3108, which did a short stint in Rockingham Yard in March of 2017.

It's shown here hauling some cars off the Halterm pier on March 5, and then later that day in Rockingham Yard, on the G ladder.  Usually crews like to have the cabs pointing west on switchers, but 3108 didn't last long enough for it to be turned at the roundhouse.


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Date: 02/11/21 04:47
Re: Southern Visitor
Author: briancdn

Great catch, and really like the scene as well. I don't recall seeing a four axle IC unit in Montreal.
Brian N/

Date: 02/11/21 06:50
Re: Southern Visitor
Author: GP30Frank

 Are you sure that this unit is not a GP 35 ?  I'm looking at the rear fans .

Date: 02/11/21 07:04
Re: Southern Visitor
Author: cn6218

It does look a bit like a 35 with that short fan, but the 10 handrail stanchions behind the cab mark it as a GP40 or 38-series.  According to the TSG it's a GP40-2R, presumably rebuilt by IC from a GP40.  The two leased GP38-2s on CBNS (LLPX 2259 and 2269) for years were also rebuilt from the same group of GP40s, at CN's Transcona shops.


Date: 02/11/21 10:30
Re: Southern Visitor
Author: PHall

The middle fan is a low profile fan. Some of the east coast roads used them for clearance issues.
Most likely from when the unit was rebuilt. Interchangable parts and all that.
The middle fan on a GP35 is a 36 inch fan while the front and rear fans are 48 inches.
All three fans on this unit appear to be 48 inch fans.

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