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Date: 02/12/21 09:21
Chasing 407
Author: cn6218

407 is the daily manifest train between Dartmouth, NS and Moncton, NB.  It starts off with mostly autoracks from Dartmouth, and then adds anything CBNS has brought to Truro the previous day and any traffic generated in Truro itself by CN.  On the weekends, the gypsum power from Dartmouth is also sent to Moncton for servicing, and that is what was happening on March 4, 2017 as CN 8011, CN 2694, BCOL 4618 and CN 8941 were hauling past the Engine Room beverage room ("tavern" if you're from Ontario) in the strip mall that also houses VIA's Truro station.  Although the train is nominally westbound at this point, the engines are facing just about due east, putting some light on the nose even at 10 am before they swing around to the west and then back into Truro Yard.

Two days later, the GEs have been sent off to other assignments, and just the two SD70M-2s are handling the train at Marsh Jct., in Moncton, NB at 14:12  The track on the right is the Sussex Sub, which starts here, and runs all the way to Saint John, NB.  407 has stayed on the Springhill Sub and will back into Gordon Yard at Gort.  The centrebeam of lumber right behind the power would have been part of the pickup at Truro that morning.


Date: 02/12/21 10:35
Re: Chasing 407
Author: feclark

When those 8000-series units first appeared, I thought the nose was hideous. Either they've grown on me, or they're just a welcome relief from the relentless parade of GEs, but I love seeing them now.

Date: 02/13/21 13:52
Re: Chasing 407
Author: ns1000

I like Pic 2!!

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