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Date: 02/15/21 07:08
Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: cn6218

We got a real blizzard last Sunday night in Halifax, unlike the mix of snow and rain we're usually blessed with.  By late Monday morning, the snow had stopped, it was starting to clear, and I had shoveled myself out of the driveway in time to see 120 rounding the point at Birch Cove, just down the hill from my house.  It would appear that 3080 and 3856 had a rough time the night before, but were still getting into Halifax at about 11:30, only an hour off the "planned" time.  With many snowed in switches, putting the train away was going to be a long process for the yard crew and section men.


Date: 02/15/21 07:15
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: cn6218

Before 507's crew could yard 120 though, some room had to be created in the yard.  505 (the usual Dartmouth morning job) had brought the gypsum power around from the other side of the harbour, and was breaking trail through the cut to Ocean Terminals (HOT).  They're shown here at the location of the former Southwestern Jct., The main line here takes a jog to the left when heading west, hence the switch target that appears to be misaligned as 505 moves from the transfer track to the OCS, heading for HOT. 


Date: 02/15/21 08:26
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: 3rdswitch

Great bunch.

Date: 02/15/21 09:15
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: railstiesballast

There is a stark impact of red elements making a graphic expression of motion and struggles witht the weather in Photo 2.
It is almost as if a graphic artist chose the colours on the units and selected the red containers behind to make this image.
Thanks for sharing.

Date: 02/15/21 16:13
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: ns1000


Date: 02/15/21 18:58
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: op11

Beautiful shots!!! I lived in NB many years ago and I miss it. Now only get rain where I live in Oregon at MP677.7 on Union Pacific's Brooklyn Sub; Shedd, Or.

Date: 02/16/21 10:28
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: briancdn

Wow! 1 and 2 are spectacular! I have very few shots of really snowy units, but I never saw walkways filled in like these. Thanks for sharing.
Brian N.

Date: 02/16/21 13:39
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: cabsignaldrop

Very vivid and beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing.

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Date: 02/17/21 20:50
Re: Some Real Snow in Halifax
Author: P

Wow, those first 3 shots are spectacular!  

You rarely see locomotives so encased in snow like that and you couldn't have done any better with the lighting and the sharpness of the images.  Seriously, these are outstanding images.

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