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Date: 04/03/21 05:31
Dartmouth Morning Departure
Author: cn6218

Train 307, at the time the daily manifest out of Dartmouth, is crossing Windmill Rd., and passing Piercey's Building Supplies on the morning of June 18, 2006.  June 18 was a Sunday, which was important, since I was standing on the Victoria Rd. overpass, normally a very busy commuter route into Dartmouth.

Piercey's has the usual BCOL boxcar spotted on its spur.  The company was one of those rare examples of a retail operation with a rail dock on the property.  They had the same across the harbour in Halifax until the Windsor Park Spur was torn up some time in the '80s.  Piercey's was bought out by Rona, which in turn was bought by US home improvement giant Lowes, who closed a number of stores across the county, including this one.  Today the spur mostly gets used for MoW equipment, and the daily train out of Dartmouth is now 407.


Date: 04/03/21 18:42
Re: Dartmouth Morning Departure
Author: ns1000

Nice pic!!

Date: 04/03/21 19:43
Re: Dartmouth Morning Departure
Author: feclark

Perfect photo; great in any respect, but then the neaby context, plus the bridge (the Angus L?) in the background, and the story is complete.

Date: 04/04/21 05:19
Re: Dartmouth Morning Departure
Author: nsscot

wrong bridge  its the other one Fred,    A.Murray MacKay Bridge  opened July 10 1970

Date: 04/04/21 06:10
Re: Dartmouth Morning Departure
Author: cn6218

Fred, a good photo should leave the viewer asking some questions, shouldn't it?  :-)

Don's right, of course.  The bridge is also known as the Narrows Bridge, or to most people in the area just the "New Bridge", even if it has been there for 50 years now.


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