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Canadian Railroads > A Trio of Tier 4s on 120

Date: 04/06/21 06:48
A Trio of Tier 4s on 120
Author: cn6218

On March 8, 2021, CN train 120 featured a solid trio of Tier 4 GE power up front, as the train crested the grade at Folly Lake, Nova Scotia, mile 25 of the Springhill Sub.

Just about an hour later they had descended the other side of Folly Mountain, made it through the slow running in Truro, and were crossing the relatively flat farm country near Brentwood, NS on the Bedford Sub.  As one of the older units in the class, 3073 was showing some road grime on its flanks as it crossed the road I was parked on to capture the second and third shots shown here.


Date: 04/06/21 10:15
Re: A Trio of Tier 4s on 120
Author: newtonville150

Nice. I've been scouting the vicinity of Springhill Jct, and so far discovered the bridge over highway 321 near River Philip, and Thomson Station (approx MP 42.5) which looks promising. No trains yet :(

...John Reay
Springhill NS

Date: 04/06/21 10:49
Re: A Trio of Tier 4s on 120
Author: cn6218

So many places have been encroached upon by brush, but another that will work for eastbounds in the morning, and a late westbound in the afternoon is the Hwy 142 overpass near Salt Springs.  

Also check out the bridge over Little Forks River and Road on the back road to Maccan.  You can only fit a few cars in, but it's still clear in front of the bridge.  Here's video from a few years ago: VIA's Christmas Present to Maritime Railfans (trainorders.com)


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