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Date: 10/09/21 09:39
My CPR Slides 55
Author: CNStratford

June 24 1975-twilight near Lundbreck AB-what a consist of power.  Can you name all the units or should I blow up the power?

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Date: 10/09/21 19:10
Re: My CPR Slides 55
Author: bakersfielddave

A Dayliner service existed until the end of 1963 here

Train 45 from  Medicine Hat at 0955 Lundbreck flag at 1423  Nelson arrive 2145

Train 46 from  Nelson at 0645 Lundbreck flag at 1616 Medicine Hat arrive 2015

 both services met at Crows Nest B.C

Date: 10/09/21 20:50
Re: My CPR Slides 55
Author: krm152

Excellent forlorn scenes. Especially like the F-Units.

Date: 10/09/21 22:44
Re: My CPR Slides 55
Author: feclark

The fence line and cattle structure are really nice elements in your first photo, Bob. Pushing your K64 to the limit, right? That's a nice moody pair of photos.

Date: 10/10/21 18:34
Re: My CPR Slides 55
Author: eminence_grise

A major incident happened at Lundbreck Falls in the 1980's.Westbound CP freight 979 with many cars of LPG in the consist stopped at the gas plant at Sentinel AB. The train was operating with a caboose and a four person crew. The conductor and trail end brakeman walked up to help with the switching. When they cut off from the train, they "bottled" (retained the air in the brake pipe) on the tail end portion of the train, and went into the plant, leaving the train unattended. While the entire crew was some distance away from the standing portion, the train started to roll eastward.
It ran away through a couple of communities. The unattended portion of the train derailed near Lundbreck Falls, and several of the cars of LPG exploded. No one was injured. The crew were fired for a couple of years.

Date: 10/11/21 22:50
Re: My CPR Slides 55
Author: Magellan13

Great photos!  Thanks for sharing!

That stretch of CP between Pincher and Lundbreck is awash in excellent photo angles and excellent scenery.  Wish I had a telephoto lens though......


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