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Canadian Railroads > First Train of 2022 Into Halifax

Date: 01/01/22 14:31
First Train of 2022 Into Halifax
Author: cn6218

I got a headsup from John Reay this morning that 120 was at Maccan, just after 8 am.  That's just barely after sunrise up there, and with the fog and rain, I don't think he ventured out after it, preferring to do his rail fanning virtually on the scanner from the comfort of home.

Three hours later when they got to Halifax, it was foggy here, but not raining, and at least it was a little bit brighter.  If it hadn't been the first train of the year into Halifax, I probably wouldn't have bothered, but it was pretty easy pickings.  There still wasn't much light. The exposure was something like f2.8 @ 1/500 S, ISO 200, and if look too closely, I didn't exactly nail the focus, but it was captured "for the record" anyway.  ES44ACs 3946 and 3805 were leading the train around the big curve at Moirs Mills, and ex-CREX 3928 was helping out as the mid-train DPU on train Z120.



Date: 01/01/22 15:23
Re: First Train of 2022 Into Halifax
Author: newtonville150

Glad you got it. Given the fog and rain in Springhill, Springhill Jct  would have been pea soup for 120. My luck that I missed another ex-CREX leader!
My two guaranteed freight trains, 120 and 507, were not doable today given tbe light. Hoping for better luck tomorrow.


Date: 01/02/22 13:39
Re: First Train of 2022 Into Halifax
Author: 3rdswitch

Nice job.

Date: 01/03/22 17:29
Re: First Train of 2022 Into Halifax
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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