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Date: 06/14/22 07:46
20 Years Ago Today
Author: cn6218

At 09:25 on June 14, 2002, CN train 148 was crossing Rocky Lake near mile 14 of the Bedford Sub,on its way to Rockingham and Halifax Ocean Terminals.  2408 and 5791 had what now seems to be a rather quaint string of single level containers behind them, on a 5-pack spine car and an old open frame 85 ft. single car.

There were three train pairs into and out of Halifax back then.  120 had arrived before daybreak, and 136 would be in Rockingham around noontime.  Meanwhile 137 would be leaving in the late afternoon, 121 in the evening, and 149 sometime around 10 or 11 that night.  The roundhouse crew would be kept busy servicing and turning the power to keep up with all the departures.

Date: 06/14/22 08:03
Re: 20 Years Ago Today
Author: cn6218

137, shown here in Debert, at mile 11 of the Springhill Sub later that same afternoon, had a train that looked much more like one from today.  Although you'll have a hard time finding any kind of cowl on CN these days, and certainly no SD60Fs.  Even the two SD40-2s trailing, 5276 and 5375, are now very rare in the east.  I don't think I've seen one here in at least 5 years.


Date: 06/14/22 10:35
Re: 20 Years Ago Today
Author: feclark

The third shot is a really tasty one, where there's so much clutter (poles, targets, and signals), but it all works beautifully. Nicely done, Geoff!

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