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Canadian Railroads > New trains for the CN Springhill and Bedford subs

Date: 06/17/22 11:10
New trains for the CN Springhill and Bedford subs
Author: newtonville150

Effective immediately two new daily intermodal trains have been added serving Halifax (Rockingham.)
They are Q122 and it's wesrbound counterpart Q123. They are allegedly all ocean cans, but some
domestic containers were seen on today's Q123.

For some time the occasional X123 has run or alternatively L507 has been used to ferry containers
to Moncton. Q122/Q123 is now daily handling intermodal traffic between Chicago and Halifax.
Z120/Z121 will still operate between Toronto and Halifax. It's unknown at this time whether Q122
replaces the as-needed Q120.

The other CN freights between Moncton and Halifax are mixed freights L507 and L508.

Last night I caught Q122 at Springhill Junction at 20:51 (eleven minutes before official sunset)
with barely enough light for photography. Power was CN "CN 100" 3236 and CN 5782 and 444 axles.

Today I shot Q123 at Springhill Jct just after noon with CN 3010 and CN 3109 and 276 axles.

...John Reay
Springhill NS

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