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Canadian Railroads > Hydrocarbons at Afton

Date: 06/19/22 07:27
Hydrocarbons at Afton
Author: cn6218

Almost 10 years ago, on July 8, 2012, two of the Cape Breton & Central Nova Scotia's SD40-2s were dragging loads of coal and natural gas products through the dip next to the siding in Afton, NS.  Train 305 usually had paper products from the Strait of Canso area, and was still getting cars from Cape Breton Island, but 305 just appeared have the two commodities on this day.

G&W has since purchased the 7232 and 7172 from Helm, but even though most of the fleet wears the corporate orange and yellow paint, 7232 is still waiting for a date with the paint shop, 10 years later.  7232's horn must have been malfunctioning that day, so the 2nd crewman was riding 7172 to blow the horn for the crossing they are approaching.  The middle of the siding at Afton has been lifted recently, although the switches remain so bad order cars can be set out.


Date: 06/19/22 10:49
Re: Hydrocarbons at Afton
Author: bobk

Nice shot!

Date: 06/20/22 15:52
Re: Hydrocarbons at Afton
Author: ns1000


Date: 06/20/22 19:55
Re: Hydrocarbons at Afton
Author: feclark

Can you please give us some idea what the elevation change in the dip actually is? You'd hate to be lifting something out of the siding from the bottom of the dip.

Date: 06/21/22 13:34
Re: Hydrocarbons at Afton
Author: cn6218

The dip does look dramatic, but it was shot with a 400mm lens, so the vertical is exaggerated compared to the horizontal.  I don't have a track chart for that piece of track, but looking at the whole train, I don't think it's more than about the height of one car, so perhaps 12-14 feet?


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