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Canadian Railroads > W/B "Ocean" of 22 July cancelled

Date: 07/25/22 09:38
W/B "Ocean" of 22 July cancelled
Author: DrawingroomA

It has been rather quiet on the Canadian board lately, so I will try to keep it alive with this slightly late news.

Train #15 due to depart Halifax on Friday the 22nd was eventually cancelled after a long delay. There was much speculation and rumours on Facebook as to the cause of the delay and cancellation. It hasn't been confirmed but some have said there was a lack of a Service Manager. One or more comments said the crew refused to take the train without an SM and others said VIA was awaiting Transport Canada approval to do so.

Some said passengers were bussed and others said they were left on their own. 

Finally I found something that is not a rumour. Passengers - at least those in sleepers - were allowed to spend the night on the train until 07:30 Saturday. Then they were on their own. Refunds were given, of course, but no assistance in re-booking or getting a hotel or a  flight.

I have had a number of difficulties with trips on the w/b Ocean - never as serious as this, however - so I often will fly home. I have had good luck with e/b trips.

Date: 07/26/22 03:30
Re: W/B "Ocean" of 22 July cancelled
Author: jp1822

The non-departure of this train set has then left a void of a train set in Montreal right? I don't think VIA has another Ocean train set on standby in Montreal. So will a Montreal departure be cancelled? VIA has a hard enough time now to cobble together the Budd and Renaissance equipment to operate the Ocean as it is. 

Date: 07/26/22 05:11
Re: W/B "Ocean" of 22 July cancelled
Author: DrawingroomA

The train eventually departed for Montreal with crew only. I didn't write down the exact times, but according to the "tsimobile" site departure was around 9:30 a.m. Saturday with arrival in Montreal shortly after 5:00 a.m. Sunday.  The crew and the consist were needed for Sunday's departure of #14. The on-board crew are based in Halifax. Presumably a service manager was found for the Sunday train.

The tracking system showed departure from Montreal was on time. Arrival in Halifax Monday was late, as it always has been lately.

Date: 07/26/22 08:01
Re: W/B "Ocean" of 22 July cancelled
Author: joemvcnj

What became of the dissed passengers - shunt themselves off to the YMCA or Hostel for a couple of days ? 

Date: 07/26/22 09:34
Re: W/B "Ocean" of 22 July cancelled
Author: cn6218

There was some discrepancy between TSIMobile's data and what was actually happening with the deadheading train on Saturday.  At 12:05 they were in Sandy Cove siding, waiting for a meet with 120, while TSI claimed they were past Springhill Jct.  Not sure how the GPS can get that far out of whack!


Date: 07/27/22 06:51
Re: W/B "Ocean" of 22 July cancelled
Author: viatrainrider

Thanks DrawingroomA for adding some new life to the Canadian board especially passenger news.  That story sounds more like what might happen on Amtrak.  Being summer travel season wonder if large numbers of people we affected.

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