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Date: 07/28/22 17:46
Automobile Interference
Author: cn6218

A week ago, I was all set up to shoot 511, the empty gypsum train, near mile 24 of the Bedford Sub in Nova Scotia.  Even though this is a westbound train in the morning, there are several locations where it is traveling more east than west between Dartmouth and Milford, and this is one spot that provides a relatively unobstructed view.  Although I had some height, it wasn't enough to eliminate this Toyota SUV traveling in the opposite direction on NS Rt. 2.   The two ET44ACs and empty hoppers are passing under the bridge that gives access to Laurie Provincial Park.

Luckily I had dragged two cameras up the embankment with me, and the second, broader shot worked out better, despite the pole line blocking the view somewhat.  3086 has some unusual (unique?) white handrail stanchions at the front.  Perhaps this unit had some front end damage, and got some repairs not quite conforming to the CN style guide.


Date: 08/03/22 15:37
Re: Automobile Interference
Author: spdaylight

I've had that happen a number of times when shooting video . .  no cars for a couple of minutes before the train arrives and 'bingo'!


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