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Date: 09/16/22 04:49
Forty Friday
Author: hoggerdoug

A clear day, January 1973 and PC 6061 (SD40) leading a pair of GP 40's westbound out of St. Thomas, Ontario on the NYC/PC CASO.double track main. This impressive bridge is located on the western side of St. Thomas, ON.
The trains don't run here anymore, the double track mainline was ripped up years ago. The bridge still stands and is now an "elevated park" as well as a "rails to trails" walkway. It was deemed too expensive to dismantle and remove the bridge. All part of the history of St.Thomas, sometimes called Railroad City.

Photo taken by my good friend Bruce Mercer and posted with his permission.

thanks for looking,

Date: 09/16/22 05:55
Re: Forty Friday
Author: refarkas

First-class historic scene.

Date: 09/16/22 06:37
Re: Forty Friday
Author: 3rdswitch

Very cool.

Date: 09/16/22 08:20
Re: Forty Friday
Author: gaspeamtrak

That's a a kick ass looking bridge...:):):)

Date: 09/16/22 12:36
Re: Forty Friday
Author: stevelv

Great shot.  Too bad the CASO didn't last a little longer.  Could have been a high speed intermodal route for Conrail then CSX bypassing congestion at Cleveland and Toledo.

Date: 09/16/22 14:49
Re: Forty Friday
Author: krm152

Very nice scene.  PC could really put on quite a show.
Thanks for your excellent photo posting.

Date: 09/16/22 15:56
Re: Forty Friday
Author: feclark


Date: 09/16/22 16:38
Re: Forty Friday
Author: PHall

Interesting way to bridge that road.

Date: 09/16/22 18:22
Re: Forty Friday
Author: jgilmore

Great scene, CASO went through some beautiful countryside in southern Ontario. Too bad what happened to it...


Date: 09/17/22 00:05
Re: Forty Friday
Author: BoostedFridge

Great shot and narrative.  It's quite a structure

Date: 09/18/22 10:03
Re: Forty Friday
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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