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European Railroad Discussion > Unknown Czech ?DMU/Railcar?

Date: 12/14/12 05:14
Unknown Czech ?DMU/Railcar?
Author: McKey

Ilkka visited recently Prague in Czech Republic so I have a lot of pictures from the city RR equipment I'm working on for the moment. Most rolling stock is easily recognizable, but I would need some help identifying the unit in the picture. It looks a little bit like similar Italian design, but not 100%.

Any idea where to find more information?

Thanks in advance!

Date: 12/14/12 10:04
Re: Unknown Czech ?DMU/Railcar?
Author: chs7-321

Date: 12/14/12 10:16
Re: Unknown Czech ?DMU/Railcar?
Author: McKey

Yes, that is what it looks like with some modifications. Thank you for the solution!

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